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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Post berfday...

I had a blast ov a berfday yestaday but strangely I hav a sor hed today. So do lots of the uther Bears. Dis happens after berfdays, I find. Dare wer lots of pants all over the place wen we woke up. An chewy sweets. An an empty beer glass. I don't noe enything bowt deez things.
Iyll put up sum fotoes tomorro. Bit dizzy, to be onist. Maybe Bears ar allergic to berfdays.



Bob T.


  1. probly allergic to beer......

  2. We sometimes get root beer on our bearthday...but it never makes us feel sick. Although, Jerry does sometimes have a tummy ache after eating too many cookies or cake (but don't we all).

  3. Maybe you have a gluten allergy?? By the way, I thought your bearthday was later in May???

  4. i thort that too but apparently Bob's sekrebeary forgot to do his birthday until three weeks late last year. She got it right this year!!!

  5. Sounds like it was a fun party.

  6. Dear Bob,
    Andy and I have returned to blogville, and we wanted to thank you for your wonderful Christmas card. You pawty looks like you had fun. Our Mommy adopted two new stuffies, one was an older bear who had always been handled roughly by two legged kids. He is now adjusting to living as a loved stuffie bear. His name is Ted. His given name is Theodore Eisenhower Bear. I think it's kinda funny, Ted E. Bear. Ted sends you hugs.
    Sally Ann


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