I lost de login for my ferst blog. It's bobs-diary.blogspot.com an is still dare if yu want to reminiss!

Thursday, 7 May 2015


I had a nice berfday on Monday.

Dis is wat I cayme downstairs to find!

I desydid to open Granny's present ferst!!
ACE! A new T Shert! An I like bunnys!
Thanks, Granny!!!!

Next, a pakkidge from my frend Fritzel, in Germany...
LUV de payper!!!

Aww a littol toy Bear!!! Heez very cewt!

An a sooper-bear cape!
Grayte card, Fritzel!!!

Let's open anuther card!
Hehe! Awl de Bears hav syned it!!
Wat a grayte piktcher!

A pawz for sum yummy Berfday Boy Fudge......

I got dis littol pakkit from Nessie, Skortch an Perkin Gnawbek:

An look wat Dilly got me!!!!!
A gingerbred traktor! I LUV TRAKTORS!!!!
Thanks, Dilly!

A nice stripey parsel from my Bears-in-de-Howse frends:
CHOKLIT PEANUTS!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

Dis is the big wun, from my parronts....
always hard to gess wat it is if it's in a box...
Mummy allways wraps things far too tytely...
 OH MY BEADS!!!!!!!!!!



Zed an Pato took to it like Bears to a wood!

 (I think Grayum's a bit too arthritikky for it, reelly)

MerBear's a natchrol.

Perkin Gnawbek wantid to yewz wun per fut. (sigh)

Posing for a groop skatebord pic...

Ah! A pakkidge from Beanie!!

I luv Beanie's wrap, it's awl mayde-by-paw.
Sam partikly likes dis wun too!

an look at the book I got!!
WOW dis is even mor popular dan the skatebords!!!

Heer ar my cards...
Dis wun is from Beanie an frends....
 deez ar my uthers...

wat abowt CAYKE??!!!!!!!!!
an we shared lots ov Simpsons Brownies too!

My parronts an the dragons went to bed, an we Bears pawteed on! 
It must hav been a grayte pawty. It wor us owt so mutch, nun ov us woke up in our beds. We jus awl fell asleep in a pile. HAHAHA. Brillyent!

Thank kew awl for yor 'happy berfdays'!


Bob T

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Post berfday...

I had a blast ov a berfday yestaday but strangely I hav a sor hed today. So do lots of the uther Bears. Dis happens after berfdays, I find. Dare wer lots of pants all over the place wen we woke up. An chewy sweets. An an empty beer glass. I don't noe enything bowt deez things.
Iyll put up sum fotoes tomorro. Bit dizzy, to be onist. Maybe Bears ar allergic to berfdays.



Bob T.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blinkin' Blogger but Brillyent Bears!

(Gosh, Blogger has been maykin it reelly reelly hard to log in! It dident yewst to be dis diffycult wen I was doin my old blog!)

Well we went off to Jersey a few weeks ago. I mean Jersey in de Channel Islands tho, not the wun neer New York dat they insult on Merrican TV programs.

Wen we wer dare we went to a Wildlife Park. It's the wun startid by Gerald Durrell. (They don't hav big cats an penguins an things like dat, they hav anmols that need help cos dare arnt menny ov dem left :@( )

THEY HAD BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In dis foto I am lookin at de Bear's fut wile he is asleep. 
Can yu see him?

Layter he was owt an abowt! Heer he is!

 Dare wer 2, a gerl an a boy. Dis is the gerl. 
She took a big peece of food an ran off wiv it, 
cos bein a sister she duzzent do sharing.

De boy reelly liket water melon.
They gayve him lots cos it was very hot.
The keeper sed dat sumtimes they giv dem frozen froot
in de summer, like an ice lolly.

(Sam watcht dem too)

I luv to meet uther Bears.
At home heer, Colchester Zoo Park has 2 Sun Bears. I sor dem wen they wer cubs. I hope I can go agen soon an see dem now dey ar grown up!


Bob T.