I lost de login for my ferst blog. It's bobs-diary.blogspot.com an is still dare if yu want to reminiss!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blinkin' Blogger but Brillyent Bears!

(Gosh, Blogger has been maykin it reelly reelly hard to log in! It dident yewst to be dis diffycult wen I was doin my old blog!)

Well we went off to Jersey a few weeks ago. I mean Jersey in de Channel Islands tho, not the wun neer New York dat they insult on Merrican TV programs.

Wen we wer dare we went to a Wildlife Park. It's the wun startid by Gerald Durrell. (They don't hav big cats an penguins an things like dat, they hav anmols that need help cos dare arnt menny ov dem left :@( )

THEY HAD BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In dis foto I am lookin at de Bear's fut wile he is asleep. 
Can yu see him?

Layter he was owt an abowt! Heer he is!

 Dare wer 2, a gerl an a boy. Dis is the gerl. 
She took a big peece of food an ran off wiv it, 
cos bein a sister she duzzent do sharing.

De boy reelly liket water melon.
They gayve him lots cos it was very hot.
The keeper sed dat sumtimes they giv dem frozen froot
in de summer, like an ice lolly.

(Sam watcht dem too)

I luv to meet uther Bears.
At home heer, Colchester Zoo Park has 2 Sun Bears. I sor dem wen they wer cubs. I hope I can go agen soon an see dem now dey ar grown up!


Bob T.


  1. Hey!! I didn't know you was back in action! Where is the complaint department? ...I have a complaint!

    I only happened to notice your blog on Ben and Jerry's sidebar..... hmmmm...luckily I was still plugged in there ... I lost my bloglines...but, I still had my reader or whatever they call it...blogger is a bitch some days .... they take things away and never give them back it seems.

  2. I guess I'll hafta put some bears on my blog some day ... so bear lovers will come by once in a while......

    1. Hallo!!! We hav the littol Bear yu mayde us sitting on the mantelpiece heer, next to Mummy an Daddy's wedding foto!

  3. Wow, amazing bears, just like you Bob!

  4. I love seein' Bears that eat froot lollilies!!!!

  5. What a fun outing for you, Bob! The bears are sooooooooo adorable, just like you are!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Nice to see that they feed the bears something cold in the summer. It looks hot there - is it that hot in Jersey right now?

    1. It was very hot wen we wer dare. My parronts pakt woolies an jeans an boot, an wen we got dare, evrywun was waring shorts an t-shirts!

  7. Bob T, how cool to see the bears up close like that. I love wallymelon so that is further proof that I am an onerary bear. I am glad you had such a fun day.

    Loveys Sasha


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