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Monday, 6 April 2015

Dilly's ferst Hatchday of 2015

We put awl her pressies an cards together for wen she got up. Wich dident seem to hapnin eny time soon so we awl showted at her, then jumpt bak in cayse she bit.

Can yu see Jerry an Ben's cool flag card thare?

Ferst she investigaytid a pressie from Granny...
Hmmm... pinky crisps! Mite hav to be nice to her layter...

Den she opend de rest of her cards... dis wun from Beanie !

Dis wun from the uther wagons, Scorch, Nessie, an Perkin Gnawbek-

from me (best wun)-

sined by awl the Bears-

from Mummy an Daddy-

Mor pressies....
from me..
yu can't go rong wiv ribbon for Dilly!

Pressie from the dragons....
a pink dino-wagon!

Next from our parronts..

Scrummy biskits!!!

-She liket dem best cos they neerly sed 'flamingo'.

Mummy an I mayde muffins wiv choklit toppin... she rinkkold her snout cos they wer brown, but I bet she has wun layter!!



Bob T


  1. How can ANYWON wrinkle their noses at CHOCOMUFFIN????? But I'm glad Dilly got my card in time! I was worried the postyman would be late wiv it!

  2. Dit's a nice card an we allways enjoy reedin yor envlopes!

    1. Hehehe!! It was a takeaway menu, wasn't it??

  3. Happy Birthday Dilly! - Adding your hatchin' day to my calendar as we speak... Have a Pink day!

  4. Happy Hatch Day Dilly. You got a lot of cool stuff and yummy looking goodies. I hope you can save some for yourself and not have to share everything. I love your pink crisps. You look beautiful today.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. maybe you could share some with Bob T??

  5. Oh, did you know? There is a fast food restaurant in the U.S. called Dairy Queen--they have hamburgers and such, but specialize in ice cream. When our Papa was a little boy, he used to order a vanilla ice cream treat on a wooden stick, coated in chocolate, called a DILLY BAR!! Has Dilly every tried a Dilly bar? http://sweetsofstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/dilly-bar-box.jpg

    1. Weev never herd of Dilly Bars! I thort yu met a place ware dragons got drunk!

  6. Happy HatchDay, Dilly! What beautiful and yummy gifts you got! We just adore your beautiful hat.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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